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Creating First Class Teams

Ingredients for successful teams

Creating First Class Teams

Successful First Class Teams

Your organizational success depends on the effectiveness of your teams. Teamwork changes all the time so it’s important to create the right environment and tools for teams to thrive.  Research by Google revealed 5 dynamics we need to pay attention to if you want to create first class teams.  No matter what is happening in the world, if you have these 5 dynamics just right, your teams can do their best work. 

Team Managers

Is this a safe team to work in? Does the team understand it’s purpose? Does the team have impact? Does the team understand what, why and how? A good manager can help create first class team performance by focusing attention on the right team dynamics.  If your team is remote, hybrid or has regular turnover of team members, you have specific challenges and may benefit from development tailored to your situation. 

Are you a team member?

Your team role and how you fulfill it is critical. If you want to be in a first class team, you need to help create it. That may not be easy if you are working remotely, are new to the team or simply don’t feel part of the team. Start by setting yourself a goal to improve just one thing. Which of these 5 measures can you take action on today? 

Do you want your team to succeed?

Successful, effective, first class teams happen because everyone in them works to make it happen. Take practical steps to improve your team every week and see what works. Review the 5 dynamics regularly and adjust to fit your people, your teams. Then do it again. Teams don’t stand still. Reviewing what is – or isn’t – working needs to be a regular activity. Spending time on refreshing team purpose can improve engagement. Team relationships need regular attention if that first class team is going to remain successful. 

Practical tools to help your teams

When you need your teams to deliver first class performance, you need first class teamwork. We have lots of practical tools and training to help you achieve. Do get in touch, we will be happy to help. 

Create first class teams




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