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Eva Eulenstein

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Eva brings practical business experience to her work as a trainer, facilitator and coach. Having worked in various industries around the world, she knows how important it is to support people to perform at their best. Eva is a certified business coach and trainer; she understands how people development has a positive impact on business performance. “Leaders make the difference. When you connect your head and your heart, your leadership can be transformed. People respond positively to that approach. We all need leaders who have the right skills and also, the right approach.”

Not every business is the same. “You need to adapt to the industry, the business, its culture, the group, its specific challenges and needs.” Eva has the ability to be fully present and help her participants to go inward, reflect and be mindful. She creates highly engaging and inspiring learning settings. “I love to get groups involved in discussions and thinking creatively. That brings energy into the room and the learning has more impact.” That impact is important as it helps leaders apply what they have learned, straight away, to real life situations.  “When I see people again after a workshop, they often tell me how something has clicked for them; they talk about the practical impact of the training, how they have shared their learning with their teams and peers and what they have changed because of it.”

Eva is a native German speaker, fluent in English and Portuguese. When she isn’t working, she loves to move, dance, practise yoga and mindfulness and listen to inspiring podcasts.

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