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Javier Rubio

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Javier started out studying engineering, but his passion for helping people led him to become a psychologist. Best of all, he loves to help people truly enjoy the work they do. “When people are happy at work, they do their best work. Being happy in your job is important for the individual and the business. When people are happy they perform and contribute. That’s good for the person and the company.”

Javier has worked all over Europe as a consultant and trainer and is at home in a global environment. His background covers all the essentials of business – sales, new markets, team development, financial reporting, multinational company culture and reporting. You can trust Javier to understand the challenges you face, because he has personal experience of dealing with them too. For Javier, the most important success factor are the people working for you.

“We talk about engagement, but that only happens if your people are happy in their work. Well-being is important and that also comes with having work you love to do. If you hire the right people and help them do work they enjoy, well-being and engagement follow. Then your business has the capacity to do more, be more agile, cope with change and be a resilient business. Sometimes it is about changing a mindset. When you look at things differently, it can help you in so many ways.”

Javier has a deep commitment to helping business and individuals build stronger relationships through well being. He is both a Director, Academic Director and teacher on an International Diploma in Well-Being at Work launching in 2023. Not only that, he runs a benchmarking and networking teams club, so companies can share and learn from each other regarding well-being at work. “There is no one single solution to creating the best, most productive and effective work culture. Everyone company is different. Yet sharing ideas, outcomes and impact, helps everyone, both the businesses and the people working there. Every business wants to keep their talented people and help everyone do the best work they are able to. Well-being is a critical part of that approach.”

It should be no surprise that Javier gets excited about learning and is always learning something new. He shares his learning with people he works with too. It brings energy to everything he does. Perhaps that is why he is also a Professor of HR at ISAM in Almeria.

Javier loves to travel but always comes home to his family in Madrid. “I love to explore and meet new people. Doing coaching and training online is different but works just as well as face to face. It means I can spend more time in the city I love with the people who are important to me. That helps me to be happy at work.”

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