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Jo Reese

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Jo has worked in learning & development her whole career. She has a Master’s in Human Resource Management & Development, is HR qualified and understands the L&D space from the inside out. “I’ve been the buyer and the supplier, managed the HRD budgets, the training teams and training projects. I understand how important it is to get the right leadership development in place, so you can have the organizational impact you need.”

Jo also gets excited about evaluation. “Evaluation is something most L&D professionals dread. It sounds complicated and too much effort. The thing is, if you want to prove L&D are doing a great job, evaluation is the way to evidence it. It honestly doesn’t have to be difficult.” Jo helps the CLS program managers to gather evidence for evaluation. Evaluation helps L&D teams have good conversations about the impact, outcomes and OD of people development.

That partnership approach is important to Jo. “Don’t ask me to sell you a training course because that isn’t how it works. Working with your L&D supplier should be a partnership. What are your current and future challenges? How can we help you with that? What do your leaders – at all levels throughout your organization – need, to help your business thrive?”

Understanding the complex business environment L&D teams navigate, is important to Jo. “It’s sometimes challenging to make your L&D voice heard in a business environment. It can be about language; the voice that L&D uses and the voice that operations use is different. Getting the language right enables business. It’s about outcomes. No one needs leadership training. What you need are leaders who “can”. Leaders who have the agility to apply their learning everyday with agility and resilience. Leaders who enable the people around them, building agility, flexibility, engagement and teamwork, whatever the company or business environment is doing.  We all navigate a volatile, changing environment now. That takes a certain set of skills and behaviors. That’s what we can help you achieve.”

Jo is based in the UK, loves walking up hill and down dale. She says there is just not enough time to read all the books and cook all the recipes that she gets excited about.

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