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Jon Spencer

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“People from previous courses come up to me and say, ‘that programme was one of the best I’ve ever done, I still remember it.’ They will quote a topic or an idea and say, ‘that opened my eyes to something’ or, ‘I still apply that now’ and ‘it’s had such an impact on me.’ That’s what leadership facilitation should be like. It should be something that changes the way you think and work.”

Jon delivers world-wide, specialising in developing leaders and teams.  For Jon it’s about creating a spark, so that people take their current knowledge and build on it with new learning and practice. “It’s normal to use two powerpoint slides in a day. Our training is a unique experience. It is about getting people out of their chairs, thinking, talking and working together. They collaborate with peers to find new ideas and solutions. We have watched people from different countries and departments find ways to work together on addressing challenges they both have. This is transformational learning at its best.”

Over the last 17 years, Jon has had a consistent, creative and positive difference to leaders Deutsche Post DHL, UNICEF, the Environment Agency and African Development Bank, through group development activities and large event facilitation. Using a highly visual, interactive approach, Jon encourages everyone to contribute and apply their learning before they leave the room. “Good development activities strengthen the individual and also the group. Leaders who work together in the room, continue to work together – across cultures and boundaries – long after the development has finished. That’s the kind of long term impact our clients want.”

Jon is based in the UK and Spain and is accredited for Myers-Briggs and Insights.


DHL Leadership Development since 2007


UK Management Development for public & private sector

Public Sector / 3rd sector

Management Development for many public sector organisations


Recruitment & Selection, Train the Trainer for UK & African banks 

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