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Juan Pablo

Based in

Juan Pablo trained in law before becoming a trainer in 2006. “I love that every company is different. Working in training is about how people can take the learning and apply it immediately. If you can’t apply it in the workplace, then I don’t think it’s good training at all.”

Juan Pablo understands the pressure people are under in business. “Business says, ‘how can we get this done as fast as possible in the best way possible’. It’s important our training is structured. Leaders and managers need to know why they need the learning, how it works, when to apply it, how to apply it. It’s a perfect sequence. We help people change their perspective.”

Juan Pablo is a leadership and management trainer and executive coach based in Mexico who works internationally.

He loves working for CLS. “CLS has special experience. I don’t think many training companies have as much experience as CLS. As trainers, we bring a lot to the table. We want people to learn and we work to make their learning fun, to make it good for the work they do and who they are in their personal lives.”

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