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Sarah Shaw

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With more than 20 years’ experience developing and managing learning experiences, Sarah’s cross-cultural and cross-functional experience enables her to build strong partnerships with clients, developing outstanding international programs across geographies.

Sarah’s style is task-oriented and thorough. Not only is she great at working with her clients to agree the scope of the project, she delivers on detail. “Sarah has excellent people skills, she is able to empathize and influence, thinks customer-centric and mediates conflicting interests well, ensuring that the right people get the right information at the right time to deliver the best results. She is very reliable and exceeds promises.”

Sarah understands the challenges in balancing learning and change within challenging work environments. “For organizations to achieve their best together with their people, learning must happen within a culture of openness and respect to encourage creativity and develop competencies.

As a Canadian living and working in Europe with global clients, Sarah also knows the challenges of working across a range of cultural boundaries. “It isn’t just about language. Organizations have to adjust to the reality of values, norms and behaviors being different in each country. Even when everyone agrees, the reality of putting an idea into practice can be complex.” Careful listening to client needs is essential. Understanding the outcomes an organization wants to achieve is crucial for delivering on the scope of projects. “Clients have to make adjustments constantly and that affects the project. My role is to ensure we keep sight of both the details and the overall aim. I keep my eye on the end goal so that we achieve what the client needs.”

Sarah joined CLS in 2018, and moves between Austria and Canada. She leads on CLS’ growth in strategic global markets and manages key global client programs in the private and international public sectors. With a PhD in child rights, Sarah’s focus has always been on the power of learning to enable and transform. Sarah loves water and is happiest exploring new coastlines and rivers, returning often to the home shores of Nova Scotia.


Children in Trouble. Children and Juveniles in Detention: Application of Human Rights Standards (1955); Austrian Federal Ministry for Youth and Family

Anyone’s Daughter. The Etiology and Experience of Female Adolescent Prostitution in Austria. Policy and perspectives (2005); Undertaken with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Youth and Family in connection with the First Report on the Situation of Youth to the Committee on the Rights of the Child


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