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Tim Cox

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Tim has a real-world business background. He started in engineering before moving into business development and people management. “Airlines are in my blood” says Tim, who worked for three international airlines. He is also an entrepreneur who has established ventures for multinationals, including Pepsi-Cola. As you might expect, Tim is logical and precise although he is also highly creative.

“I’m fascinated by cultures. Why does one country or organisation have a blame culture and another does not? Why do some cultures respect women while others do not?”

This has an impact on business. “Companies often need changes to occur. If the change is going to really happen, you need to work with the company’s culture and beliefs. It has to be everyone’s job, not just the managers’. That can’t happen with a one-day course. Change comes about because we work with people on a deep level.”

Tim knows from experience that companies can achieve agility, creativity and innovation when they harness the talent in their teams. “I love helping companies understand the untapped potential in their people. Helping business with the gap between where their leaders are and where they could be, is the way to move the business forward.”

Tim delivers training across Europe, is fluent in English & German, smiles a lot and cycles everywhere he possibly can.

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