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Tristan Sage

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Tristan has been a member of CLS since its inception in 2007, working with international companies and organisations to help them strengthen their internal network, collaboration and leadership. He specialises in organisation development. 

His current role, alongside his training, coaching and facilitation activities, is leading a major project to enhance and develop CLS’s strategic thinking and practice.

His expertise in training, coaching and learning and development is underpinned by a robust business background. He is passionate about understanding how organizations work and how people can make a difference.

Tristan’s background in languages, automotive engineering, psychology and business, give him a unique approach to working with clients who want to develop leaders, managers and organisations.

“I help people discover who they are as a leader. That means you can leverage yourself and your style to influence your team, your peers and your stakeholders. When you have effective collaboration, you transform people, teams and organisations. As a leader you can do all of that, when you understand and develop your own particular style.”

Tristan works with international companies and organisations to help develop the leaders they need. “Understanding what the business wants to achieve is key to helping leaders grow. My role is to help organizations get below the surface so leaders can make sense of the impact they have.”

Having spent over 25 years in Vienna, Tristan is now based in the UK, working in English, German, French and Spanish to support CLS clients in the UK and delivering programmes across Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.


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